spiaggia dell' hotel San Giorgio Riccione

Hotel San Giorgio offers an avant-garde beach with retro charm. As in a postcard from the early twentieth century, the bathroom revisits a suggestive marine environment, with sand dunes, native botanical species and wooden cabins with sloping roofs, translating the identity and historical character of the place in a modern key.

Materials with low environmental impact and recycled; application of the principles of bioclimatic and green building, sustainability and energy saving with solar thermal and photovoltaic; demolition of architectural barriers and privileges of visibility and perspectives make this beach one of the most famous and appreciated in Italy.

The health area, with whirlpools, recalls the landscape of the ancient beach, with the typical vegetation of the coastal area. All services are designed to ensure the best stay away from home, the equipment is maintained with the utmost care, are available to guests the top of the range in terms of materials, facilities and services.